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March 13, 2013

Plastic Surgeons Affirm Keller Funnel® Performance With 99% Satisfaction Rate

STUART, FL--For the third straight year, surgeons participated in an independent study to assess the performance of the KELLER FUNNEL® (, and the results showed that the implant delivery device continues to meet or exceed expectations, with 99% of surgeons reporting satisfaction.

More than 300 surgeons participated in the 2012 Funnel Opinion Panel, sponsored annually by Keller Medical, Inc. The Company launched the FUNNEL® in late 2009 to address the increasing demand for silicone breast implants, and subsequent difficulty experienced by surgeons to insert implants into the breast pocket using the traditional digit, or finger, method.

Other key observations from the survey include:

53% of surgeons report they use the FUNNEL in all silicone breast augmentation procedures<

86% of respondents have been using the FUNNEL in their practice for 2 or more years, with 65% indicating they use the device on all silicone augmentation procedures

97% of respondents find it easier to deliver silicone gel implants using the KELLER FUNNEL®

62% of respondents absorb the cost of the FUNNEL, down from 71% the previous year

53% of respondents use the KELLER FUNNEL® in their reconstruction procedures, with 20% of those surgeons claiming to use the FUNNEL in all reconstruction procedures.

The KELLER FUNNEL® is used in approximately 20% of cosmetic augmentation procedures using silicone implants in the U.S. Keller Medical, Inc., based in Stuart, Florida, was co-founded by Board Certified plastic surgeon Kevin Keller, M.D. and Howard Preissman, a medical device executive and biomedical engineer. Both U.S. and international patents are pending. For more information, call 772.219.9993 or visit the company website at

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