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October 31, 2013

Keller Medical, Inc. to Launch Next Generation Funnel For Universal Silicone Implant Delivery Worldwide

STUART, FL—The Keller Funnel®2 (KF2), a universal delivery device for silicone gel implants, will be launched to plastic surgeons worldwide beginning in January 2014, four years after the original Funnel was introduced by Keller Medical, Inc., a privately held company. The new Funnel provides an optically clear material to allow surgeons unobstructed visualization of the implant and has an improved, more durable hydrophilic coating for a slicker, easier delivery of all silicone gels including breast, pectoral, calf and gluteal.

A Class 1 (U.S.) and Class IIa (EU), the Keller Funnel®2 is a clear and cone-shaped tool that provides surgeons with a low friction insertion method for a range of implant styles, sizes and shapes. The company holds four U.S. patents, numbers 8,550,090, 8,555,893, 8,206,443 and 8,211,173 with claims covering specific aspects of both the design and how the funnel is used during surgery.

“The new KF2 features are especially important for use with the textured anatomical implants gaining popularity with U.S. plastic surgeons and patients since being introduced domestically this year,” said Howard Preissman, CEO of Keller Medical, Inc. “We believe these added improvements will significantly boost international sales in the short term, where shaped and textured implants are used almost exclusively.”

Keller Medical, Inc has sold more than 145,000 funnels since its 2009 product launch and experienced a 26.5% growth over third quarter sales of a year ago. The company estimates more than 2,000 surgeons around the globe currently use the funnel. According to an annual field survey, they do so to provide an added layer of protection against potential contamination and for the product’s ability to facilitate the delivery process in addition to making the process of inserting the implants much easier.

“I was a huge fan of the first Keller Funnel,” said Houston-based surgeon Michael Ciaravino, MD. “The KF®2 picks up where the original left off and made a truly great product even better.” To view Dr. Ciaravino using theKF®2, follow this link or visit the Keller Funnel YouTube channel.

Keller Medical, Inc. was co-founded by Board Certified plastic surgeon Kevin Keller, M.D. and Howard Preissman, a medical device executive and biomedical engineer. Both U.S. and international patents are pending. For more information, visit or call 772.219.9993.

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