The Keller Funnel®2 allows the surgeon to propel a silicone gel implant into the surgical pocket using a technique.

Designed for surgeons by a surgeon, the Keller Funnel®2 delivers the implant into the surgical pocket with less friction than the traditional digital method. Its simple design with no moving parts, composed of a flexible, clear polymeric film surfaced with an exceptionally lubricious hydrophilic coating, allows the surgeon to completely visualize and control the delivery of the implant.

The implant effortlessly passes through the funnel and into the surgical pocket. Hundreds of thousands of funnels have been successfully used to place silicone gel implants by surgeons worldwide.

  • Less friction, faster, more gentle delivery

  • Implant is delivered directly into the pocket

  • Hydrophilic interior coating creates exceptionally slippery surface, allowing various types of implants to pass through effortlessly

bsi. ISO 13458 Medical Devices Quality Management, #FM 558475 The Keller Medical, Inc. Quality Management System is ISO 13485 certified. The Keller Funnel®2 is CE marked as a Class IIa medical device. Additionally, Keller Medical, Inc. is an FDA registered facility, and the Keller Funnel®2 is an FDA Class I Exempt device.



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Dr. Adrian Richards Demonstrates how to use the Keller Funnel®2.

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