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Kevin Keller, M.D.
Inventor, Co-Founder

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Howard Preissman
Inventor, CEO, Co-Founder

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A privately-held company formed in 2008, Keller Medical, Inc. manufactures and distributes the Keller Funnel®2, a delivery device designed to faciliate the placement of silicone gel implants.  The device was created by South Carolina-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Keller.


Initial sales of the Keller Funnel® started in 2009, with exponential growth occurring each quarter thereafter.  By April 2011, nearly 20% of all gel procedures performed in the United States were completed using the Keller Funnel®.  To date, surgeons worldwide have used the Keller Funnel® in thousands of procedures.  The device is available throughout North America, and is available in several countries in Latin America, including Chile and Venezuela.  In 2011, Keller Medical, Inc. received its CE marking for distribution in the EU, including France, Germany, Greece, Austria, Italy, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and South Africa.  The APAC region, including Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam maintains steady growth opportunities.


The Keller Funnel® and the Keller Funnel®2, and the use thereof, may be covered by one or more of the following U.S. and/or international patents: US Patents #8206443, #8211173, #8550090, #8555893. Other U.S. and international patents pending.


The Keller Funnel® and the Keller Funnel®2 is licensed to the customer for single use only. Any resterilization or subsequent re-use is an unlicensed use and therefore constitutes patent infringement.

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