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Patient Education - Animation

A brief animation that shows the patient how the doctor uses the Keller Funnel to place implants. Perfect for the waiting or consult room, or to add to your website! Available as MP4 on a memory stick, DVD, or sent to you via DropBox.




Patient Education - Brochures




Patient Education - Brochure Holder

Designed to sit on table or counter. Easel back. Holds approximately 25 Patient Education Brochures




If you want more than 2 holders,
please contact Customer Service

Patient Reconstruction – Brochures

Designed to explain to a prospective reconstruction patient that their surgeon uses the Keller Funnel®2 in their reconstruction procedures using silicone gel implants.

Patient Reconstruction – Brochures



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ASPS Breast & Body Symposium
August 10-12, 2017
San Diego, CA


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