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June 11, 2012

Keller Medical Expands Product Line with The Marsupial® Pouch Post-Surgical Drain Holder

STUART, FL — Keller Medical, Inc. makers of the breast implant delivery device the Keller Funnel®, announced it has entered into an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement with Turner Healthcare Products of Greenville, South Carolina to manufacture and market The Marsupial® Pouch. The Marsupial® is a plush terry cloth adjustable belt and pouch worn by patients to comfortably manage commonly used surgical drains and drain tubing, while recovering from breast reconstruction, body lifts, lower abdominoplasty, mastectomy or any surgical procedure where drains are indicated.

Keller Medical, Inc. plans to expand sales of the product by leveraging its established sales force and highly rated customer service team. The Marsupial® will be sold in the United States directly to physician practices, surgery centers, hospitals and online to patients at

"Although not limited in use to the plastic surgery industry, The Marsupial® does complement our existing distribution network aligned with the Keller Funnel® and demonstrates our commitment to improving the comfort of women who undergo breast reconstruction, mastectomy or augmentation procedures," said Keller Medical CEO Howard Preissman.

Comfort and independence are vital for patients after surgery. The Marsupial®, offered in kits ranging from $29.95 to $49.95, gives patients the freedom of movement they need in the critical days and weeks following surgery. Designed by a cancer survivor and textile specialist, The Marsupial®, made of premium quality terry cloth, is comprised of two components: an adjustable elastic belt and pouch to hold the drains. The pouch accommodates two drains (supplementary ones can be added if required) and slides over the belt to be placed where it is most comfortable for the patient.

Founded in 2009, Keller Medical, Inc., based in Stuart, Florida, was co-founded by Board Certified plastic surgeon Kevin Keller, M.D. and Howard Preissman, a medical device executive and biomedical engineer. For more information about Keller Medical or The Marsupial®, call 772.219.9993.

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