The following may further your understanding of the Keller Funnel®2 and the benefits it may provide.


Surgeon's Surveys

For the past three years, Keller Medical has underwritten a third-party survey to ask surgeons about their experience using the Funnel.  Participants include surgeons who have used the Funnel for less than a year to surgeons who have consistently used the Funnel for more than 3 years.  Below are a few results highlights from all three surveys:


Easier to Place Implants

Nearly every respondent, at 97%, reported that the Keller Funnel® made the delivery of silicone implants in breast augmentation procedures easier than the traditional finger insertion method.


Recommend to their Peers

98% reported that they will have or have already recommended the Funnel to a peer.


Shorter Surgical Time

85% of the total physician respondents reported on average that the Funnel reduces their procedure time by 5 minutes or more; whereas 54% of doctors who frequently use the Funnel report saving between 10-20+ minutes per procedure.


Adoption Rate Using the Funnel

53% of surgeons, regardless of how long they have been using the Funnel, report using it on all of their silicone breast augmentation procedures.  86% of these respondents have used the Funnel in their practice for 2 or more years.  Of that group using the Funnel for more than 2 years, 65% reported they use the device on all silicone breast augmentation procedures.


Easier to Use

97% reported they find it easier to deliver silicone gel implants using the Keller Funnel®.


Reconstructive Procedures

53% of respondents use the Keller Funnel® in their reconstruction procedures, with 20% using it in all of their reconstruction procedures.


For recent survey results, click here to see their experience using the Keller Funnel®.  For more info on the survey, read more.


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