What Doctors are Saying

The Keller Funnel has shortened my incisions and my operating time, as well as preventing the implant from touching the patient’s skin. For these reasons, I make certain that every resident who rotates with me achieves proficiency with the funnel.” Ronald J. Johnson, MD, FACS

My fellows prefer the Keller Funnel for implant insertion over the manual technique. In fact we have switched our practice completely to using the Keller funnel for all implant insertions breast and gluteal implants.” Jacob Haiavy, M.D. F.A.C.S.

The KF is not necessary but it's the no-touch technique. I use it every time I'm inserting an implant regardless of the number of breast augmentations..” Justin Yovino, M.D. FACS, Beverly Hills, CA

The Keller Funnel®2 is an exceptional adjunct to the insertion of breast implants. It makes an enjoyable procedure measurably more expeditious. I use it on every aesthetic case I do. Thank you for this formidable contribution to our specialty.” Richard J. Zienowicz, M.D., Brown University

Adopting the use of the Keller Funnel®2 has "streamlined" my insertion of silicone gel implants during breast enhancement surgery. The Funnel allows an unhindered placement of the implant . . . whether via the inframammary incision or axillary approach. I don't plan to perform this operation without the Funnel ever again!” Dr Tad Grenga , M.D. FACS, Suffolk, VA

I absolutely love using the Keller Funnel®2. I don’t know how other surgeons don’t, particularly with the textured shaped implants. Using the funnel is fun, easy, and I can’t imagine not using it on my silicone gel cases.” Phillip Nunnery, M.D., Panama City, FL

I feel every cosmetic breast surgeon should be using this ingenious funnel for silicone implant placement, and I'm sure one day soon they will.” Ted Eisenberg, D.O., Philadelphia, PA

The Keller Funnel®2 is so much better than the first one. We are very happy (of) using it. Last Friday we placed a pair of textured implants of 480cc with a sub mammary incision of 2.5 cm. It was easier than inserting a handkerchief in my pocket.” Jorge Miranda, MD, Ecuador

The Keller Funnel®2 is a superior way to place silicone gel implants, especially textured implants. It is a great help to place shaped silicone gel implants in a quick, efficient and anti-traumatic fashion. We won't do a shaped silicone gel augmentation without it.” Michael Diaz, MD, Melbourne, FL

In addition to utilizing the Keller funnel in my cosmetic breast cases, I also use the Keller funnel in my breast reconstruction cases. The funnel is extremely useful as I'm placing various breast sizers into the breast pocket to more optimally match the non-cancerous breast.Rola Eid, D.O., Tulsa, Oklahoma

This new version of the Funnel is unbelievably good with textured implants. I don’t know how you would make it any better.” Dr. Carl Lentz III, Daytona Beach, Florida

The KF®2 is a nice upgrade from the original. I experienced a better, more compliant feel, even with textured and anatomical implants; a clearer view for placement; and an incredibly smooth delivery.” Dr. Simeon Wall, Jr., Shreveport, Louisiana

The use with a textured implant is as good as the original Funnel with a small wall implant. Very good improvement.” Daniel Mills, MD, Laguna Hills, CA

The Keller Funnel boosts confidence with predictable, effortless implant placementNicholas Flugstad, M.D., Belleview, Washington

Easier to use with textured implants. Like the clear material.” Lori Saltz, MD, La Jolla, CA

I will not do a gluteal implant procedure without the Keller Funnel®. The Keller Funnel® is an absolute necessity for this procedure.” Louis Morales, Jr. M.D., Salt Lake City, Utah

It was awesome! . . . The implants went in without any issue. Very pleased with your product. Angry I didn't think of it.” William A. Wallace, MD FACS, Jacksonville, FL

"One surgeon even commented that it is very rare to have a technology that makes the surgery very efficient to the needs of the surgeon and patient, while being economically practical."Plastic Surgery News

Doctors are saying

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